District of Dark Hope...and Beyond

A Knights Work...

Otto Von Helbrucht

Such a series of hardships for something so… Ill presented. Our Travels took us to part of the Zu, to recover some "Painting for our man. Long story short, we found it. However, it was not much to behold, a sepia toned portrait of a prone figure, and an etching into a rusted bench back. A very interesting picture of a mans face, made out of cogs and sprockets. After dealing with a way out, but not before we actually escaped, we ran into the growing nuisance of the blue coats. However, something they did this time drew this old knight over the line. They had hired a human mage, which at first was no problem, until he had bound a deamon to do his bidding. Emily made it apparent that she was ready to leave, which meant he got away… I have to wonder if he was an emissary of Vaurag’s. A Stormlord Accord who sees my order and my’s actions in the barrens as actions against the treaty. I’ll have to be very cautious with my actions from now on.

After we emerged into the streets of Redwarren without even a second thought, We got back onto the spiral and began our movements back to the twisted fields. It was yet another long trip, I’m sure my compatriots are enjoying the luxury, but it hasn’t been exciting to me since I was a small lad. once we arrived back in the twisted fields, it was going to be a walk to the scrap yard. We weren’t an hour into our trek, when I spotted something approaching over the horizon. I couldn’t make out what it was, but to be sure, I drew “little finger” and “blade Biter” and stood, expecting to be assailed by another servant of Vaurag. The newt and it’s rider cantered closer, and I quickly recognized the seal of a fellow knight. The unfortunate fellow had three bullet holes in his chest, and a scroll clasped in his hand. Emily and I helped the man down and lie him upon the ground. He coughed several words, however through the blood all I could make out was “Take, message, Chain, Chapter.” Seeing as he’s a knight, I can only assume he means for me to take the message to the Chalkchain Chapter. But To my interest, the signet in the wax is from Chalkchain, however the rune on it I have never seen before. Even when We have finished our assignments, a Good Knights work is never done!


MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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