• Autarch


    Often called the Eternal, It is known, but rarely spoken of, that he is Andari
  • Dartmoor the Craven

    Dartmoor the Craven

    5'8, heavy set. 20y old, pale skinned with dark hair.
  • Elizabeth Autumnstone

    Elizabeth Autumnstone

    A fair Andari Lass
  • Emily 619

    Emily 619

    Overwrought, fine detail engineer now sifter extraordinaire... beautiful (if one can look past the metal abominations) brilliant.. manic depressive. What more could you want?
  • Faunrok Solus

    Faunrok Solus

    Grey female Malakar with very dark, wavy brown hair, small, twisty horns, brown eyes, and a vertical scar on the right side of her face.
  • James Wintersmith

    James Wintersmith

    1 extra edge (well traveled?) 1 extra attribute (wispy)
  • Jimmy Bentnail

    Jimmy Bentnail

    An elderly ferren with greying fur, still streaked with rich browns.
  • Mr. Abraham Wright

    Mr. Abraham Wright

    A fat little scruffy man in red
  • Teridar Shadowmoon

    Teridar Shadowmoon

    Andari Male with blue black hair and a noticable scar beneath his chin