Jimmy Bentnail

An elderly ferren with greying fur, still streaked with rich browns.


A Ferren who is definitely well up in years. His once rich brown fur is mostly grey and white, but still shows signs of the deep rich brown. His hands, face and tail are wrinkled and liver spotted, but they are never still. His tail constantly twitches, and he is always fiddling with thing, often absently. His jaw always in motion with the soft muttering to himself as he comes up with new ideas, or refines old ones, or simply repeats a formula to help him remember. Drawn to the sciences as a youth, but rarely ever having the money and a place to work…until recently. His wife died years ago, his children scattered to the various ZU, he had taken up with a friendly Malakar, but just a few months ago, that he was killed in a factory accident and that he left his possessions to Jimmy. He has spent these months building the actual devices that he had prototyped and tinkered with for years. He has also made his first actual batch of healing elixir and decided to seek his fortune, so he headed up to GreyMesa…he will become known before he dies…but he needs to make enough to eat or his gadgets aren’t worth much…


Jimmy Bentnail

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